Открыта вакансия Social Media Manager EducationUSA Adviser, Moscow, Russia

UMMARY: EducationUSA provides comprehensive resources for the Russian students, teachers, and individuals interested in education in the United States, as well as for U.S. universities and colleges seeking to work with the Russian students and HE institutions. The EducationUSA Social Media Manager supports the EducationUSA Center Director and the Russia advisers’ team for managing the various technologies used by EducationUSA Russia to facilitate their educational and programming services. The SM manager / EducationUSA adviser will oversee the configuration and maintenance of EdUSA Russia network infrastructure, software applications, and hardware; perform technical and administrative tasks to ensure functionality and efficiency of computer and communications systems as well as other standard duties listed below. The SM manager will also be responsible for the maintenance of EdUSA Russia website, facilitating digital programming reflecting the EducationUSA Russia mission and goals. As an EducationUSA adviser, the individual is expected to seek out and develop innovative tools to promote U.S. higher education; present in public lectures on U.S. Higher Education; The position based in Moscow starts in Mid November 2017.

RIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT (50%) -Oversee design, development, and update of EducationUSA Russia website platform including all event posts -Work with EdUSA staff to collect, organize, edit and produce written web content, including page creation within the site and social media channels -Monitor site and social media content and ensure that information displayed is accurate and current -Ensure web accessibility, usability, and performance with website / social media best practices -Monitor and report web analytics to track website (social media) use -Provide strategic communication planning in the use of the site and other electronic media to further the EdUSA Russia communication objectives -Oversee operations of 120 Credits program (trouble-free operation, customer support; statistical data and data management) 

IGITAL CONTENT and PROGRAMMING (30%) -Coordinate the production of interactive multi-media and online programs, using Livestream and other webcast platforms -Oversee network performance and maintenance, including ensuring equipment and data security and anti-virus updates -Perform troubleshooting, basic repair, data restoration. Conduct staff and volunteer training on hardware and software -Provide quality customer service to patrons and visiting speakers/guests, including providing technical and troubleshooting assistance during program events. Develop social media campaigns and effectively communicate them -Prepare regular reports on activities.

DVISING  (20%)  -Understand the system of U.S Higher education, and its main advantages -Understand the enrollment process and be able to clearly communicate it to the audiences -Conduct Introductory Lectures on U.S. Higher Education in Center and at outreach events

UALIFICATIONS: -University degree or specialized secondary education in computer science, web development or a related area 1+ years of job-related experience in IT duties -Working experience developing websites, ideally using the WordPress platform -Analytical skills (developing charts, diagrams, reports) -Attention and adherence to detail, accuracy, timeliness, tact, and confidentiality -Flexibility and ability to work as part of a team and in a fast-paced environment -Enthusiasm for American Culture and Educational System. Fluency in English is required.



  • -Participation in the large scale campaigns in VK; FB, Youtube, and other networks
  • -Copywriter skills; Online quiz and gamification; Working knowledge of software programs such as Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Reader)
  • -Fluency in MySQL, PHP, CSS, (x)HTML and/or Javascript, and the ability to add to skills as required

o apply:  Send to [email protected] (1) a CV/resume, and (2) a letter explaining why you would be a great candidate for this position, and (3) in your letter include the salary you would expect to receive.