My Name is Duolingo? Can I Help You? “Yes, you can help some students to reach their goals!” I guess. That was my thought when I heard about the Duolingo English Test (DET) from my colleague. A few of her students had taken this test in order to apply to colleges and universities in the […]

Мы взяли интервью у Анны Юрьевой, которая в настоящее время учится в Minerva Schools at KGI. Она поделится своими впечатлениями об обучении в высшем учебном заведении и жизни в США. Вот ее ответы на вопросы: What were your first impressions of living and studying in the USA? I would say I was very lucky to […]

В сегодняшнем глобализированном мире все больше и больше людей стремятся получить опыт жизни, работы и учебы за границей, и эта тенденция оказывается правильной: исследования в области социальных наук показали, что международный опыт может повысить творческий потенциал, уменьшить межгрупповую предвзятость и способствовать успеху в карьере. Чтобы лучше понять психологические последствия жизни за рубежом, группа ученых из […]

No matter which college or university to which to apply to, you will need to fill out an application form. Some U.S. schools will require you to use their own application forms while others will accept the Common, Universal or Coalition Application. The latter approach is very helpful for those applying to multiple institutes of […]

Today is our third meeting with Alexei Borovikov, a successful applicant to the film directing masters program at the Columbia College Chicago.  I continue my questions to him now to hear about his experience in preparing a portfolio, submitting reference letters and paying application fees. Here they are: What is the role of creativity in […]

I would like to continue the conversation with Alexei Borovikov who answered my questions last time. Let us get more information from him today regarding the application process to film directing programs and learn about his experience in making  a final list of schools, preparing transcripts, interviewing, and passing an English language test. I know […]