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ССС – это двухгодичная подготовительная программа для активных старшеклассников (9-11 классы), планирующих получать высшее образование в США. 

There is not one right answer to this question, as we assess an applicant’s language ability through their writing, listening comprehension, and speaking skills; but, that is not all that is important.  It is not simply the technical aspects of one’s language ability, but how capable they are of analyzing and discussing more complex topics.  

Additionally, though we use the Cambridge scale as an example because it is a scale most Russians are very familiar with, we do not use Cambridge exams, the TOEFL, Duolingo, or any other language certification to assess a prospective student’s language abilities.  

There are questions about the applicant’s academic and personal interests, how they spend their time, what their goals and dreams are, and how they believe Pre-CCC or CCC will help them achieve those goals.

The interview is also an opportunity for them to ask any remaining questions they have about the program.

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