15 March 2023
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Start your journey to gain admission to U.S. colleges and universities with EducationUSA Russia — an official and reliable source of information on U.S. higher education.
Here are simple steps to take:
Register at the EducationUSA Russia website, fill out your profile and check off the activities you would like to attend
Start the self-paced online 120 Credits program for undergraduate students
Learn more
Attend an individual consultation after seven days upon successful program completion with a designated adviser to develop a personal strategic plan to apply to U.S. colleges and universities

Please keep an eye out on our calendar for upcoming events and learn more about all EducationUSA Russia programs for high school and university students, parents, and professionals.

Contact us at adviser@educationusarussia.org if you have any questions on the topic discussed today or any other higher education opportunities in the U.S.

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