7 July 2021
2  min.

To begin with, just a few numbers. Only 1% of people in the world never give up, and persistently move towards their dream. 90% of 100 attempts: this is the number of failures suffered by the most successful people. A dream is not only a set of beautiful pictures, but first of all it is a way out of the comfort zone, it is exhausting, daily work, it is pain – on the way to great achievements and victories. To win first of all over yourself.

Ask yourself a question: are you ready to be in this 1% of people who never give up? Are you ready to fail, fall, but get up and keep moving forward to your dream? At the beginning of your journey, did you answer the question “Why do I need all this?” Not your environment, but you?

The process of admission to an American college or university is quite long and consists of a big number of nuances and subtleties – processes that we can influence and act as competently as possible, increasing the chances of success. And the information resources of the EducationUSA Russia center, our online courses, programs and individual consultations with experts will always help you in this.

On the other hand, there are circumstances that we cannot influence in any way. A vivid example of this is COVID 2019 and a sharp change in our life, many processes and the usual way of events. As a result: someone will just give up their dream because of the difficulties that have arisen. Someone will look for the culprits. And someone, on the contrary, will use these difficulties as a unique chance that will make you much stronger and allow you to continue moving towards your dream.

A little more vital theory. Our true friend on the way to success is Fear. You may be outraged, and say: is fear a friend? Fear is the basic emotion of a person, concealing a huge energy. Not everyone is ready to first admit to himself his own fears. And there are innumerable of them. Fears are generalized and lead to phobias. So, in most cases, it is fear that stops us from moving forward. More precisely, as a rule, social types of fear. Face your fear. Figure out what fear could stop you from. Make friends with your fear, acquire new skills and boldly, with tripled strength, continue moving forward towards your dream.

Let’s repeat the most important things we learnt today:

Mistakes -allow us to adjust the approach. Change the strategy. Learn new things. Make mistakes! But watch out for them, otherwise they will begin to accumulate and…

Failure occurs most often due to systematic ignoring of mistakes (their accumulation), due to lack of flexibility, due to an unchangeable strategy, due to a misunderstanding of one’s own goal (the answer to the question-Why do I need all this)?

We can only influence what we can control. And we can be the best in this process.

Failure helps us to forge a character. Start with a clean slate. Make friends with your fear. Acquire new skills. Change your strategy and embark on an exciting path of building your career.

We will talk about a career as a lifelong process in the next article.

Andrey Kosilov

EducationUSA Russia Information Center Director

Counseling Psychologist, motivational coach

IACA Certified Career Consultant

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